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Angelina’s Chocolat Africain

Come on….You know you want it. Even if you haven’t spent the last hour shoveling the driveway. Even if you hid the leftover pumpkin pie and ate it secretly over the Thanksgiving holiday.  Because this isn’t just any hot chocolate. This is Angelina’s chocolat l’Africain.

  This is why they line up in Paris across the Louvre at the eponymous cafe on the rue di Rivoli.
 The chocolate comes in its own pitcher with a generous helping of whipped cream.
 The room is elegant, but it’s not a stuffy atmosphere. Lots of folks – from ladies who lunch, to guys wearing hoodies and baseball caps – come in for the vast selection of goodies.
The big draw, of course, is the hot chocolate – and the chocolat africain is the signature drink.
 But fear not, there are pastries galore too.


 Including the Mont Blanc, made with puréed chestnuts – in both the traditional and the chocolate version.



 I have a weakness for Gateau St. Honoré however, named for the French patron saint of bakers and pastry chefs. Can you see why? A circle of puff pastry provides the base for a generous serving of pastry cream. Small cream puffs covered in a crackly caramel sauce are affixed to the base and the whole concoction is decorated with whipped cream. Who could resist this?



Making gateau St. Honoré is a little advanced, but anyone can make the hot chocolate served at Angelina’s – including you.

Angelina’s Chocolat L’Africain.
From the cookbook “Hot Chocolate” by Michael Turback.
printable recipe here

Combine 3/4 cup whole milk, 1/4 cup heavy cream and 1 t. confectioners’
sugar and heat over med-high till bubbles appear around edges. Remove
from heat and add 4 oz Omanhene (or any other good brand) bittersweet chocolate (72%) that’s been
chopped. Stir till melted (you may need to return it to low heat). Serve
with whipped cream.