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Stuffed Figs

Stuffed Figs

No real recipe here – just a sweet and savory bite of figs, mascarpone and prosciutto dipped in chopped walnuts. It takes only minutes to prepare and will have your guests popping them by the handful. I recently attended a reception of Italian furnishings at a nearby store and these were among the appetizers served. I’ve since made them a couple of times and the plate gets emptied quicker than you can say Calamyrna. Dried figs are used here, which give a really intense figgy flavor and a chewy contrast to the creamy mascarponse cheese. If you want to try something similar using fresh figs, check out Marie’s post where she grills fresh figs, brie cheese and prosciutto. June 2010 672 Stuffed Fig Appetizers  Printable Recipe Here OK, so this is so simple it’s almost embarassing. Just take a dried fig. I used Calamyrna figs and cut them in half. Then take each half and cut it in half again. Spread a spoonful of mascarpone on one of the pieces, press another piece against it and roll in prosciutto. Dip the ends in chopped walnuts. June 2010 673

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  1. Linda, that sure sounds like a recipe in my book! And one that I want to try. I've never actually tried figs, but these look so lovely they might just be the thing that does it! Thanks!

  2. I like that you can use dried figs, since my beautiful, luscious fresh figs are not in the markets for about a month or so.
    I can't wait to make some fig apps!

  3. Fresh figs are funny, sometimes I buy them and they don't taste sweet at all even though they look nice and ripe. This is a sure thing for that nice figgy flavor, I just might give these a try this weekend, they sound perfect!

  4. Scrumptious, Linda. I love the addition of chopped walnuts. I have some hazelnuts – I think I'll try that.

    Have a great weekend.

  5. I have Saturday's appetizer. So happy it can be done with dried figs. Fresh figs are hard to come by in MN. I always love figs and prosicutto together.

  6. I like the crunchy walnut topping! We should have fresh, local figs soon if they're not already at the farmers' markets. Can't wait to enjoy them!

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  8. Yum! You know, I've always felt that prosciutto and figs went better together than prosciutto and melon…

  9. I've never made anything like this before but I can't wait to try these. The mascarpone/ fig/prosciutto combo sounds fab!

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