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It’s Nova Scotia!

It’s Nova Scotia!

Boy, you’re a smart bunch of readers. So many of you guessed it right. Some of you were thrown off by the photo of the tartan plaids, but Nova Scotia means New Scotland, after all. Yes, that’s where I’ve been for the last eight days. Nova Scotia – Canada’s ocean playground. August 2009 596 Whether you guessed correctly or not, your name went on a little slip of paper that was put into a bowl. I picked a name at random and the winner is …drumroll please…. Claudia, of Journey of An Italian Cook. Congratulations. I hope you enjoy the cookbook and make some of the recipes to share with us on your blog. There are lots of things to do in this beautiful province, whether you want to take advantage of the outdoors or stay indoors. There are several museums in Halifax, ranging from fine art to seafaring exhibits. Many of the boats that rescued survivors from the sinking Titanic left from Halifax. The Maritime Museum contains many artifacts from the doomed cruise liner, as well as plenty of other exhibits extolling the seas and the seamen who sailed them. display of boats at Maritime Museum-Halifax While you’re in Halifax, you can tour a brewery or two. copper vats at Keith's Brewery  Or take a ride on a tall sailing ship August 2009 560 Even learn how to work the riggings:silhouette on ship You might even meet some famous people in the art museum there: August 2009 915 Or get out of the city to a quaint seaside town and enjoy this kind of scenery along the way. tranquil scene in Cape Breton There are plenty of lighthouses to see, including this one at Peggy’s Cove: another view - Peggy's Cove Visit a historic church. This one is St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Lunenburg. St. John's Anglican church On Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton Island, you can enjoy vistas like this on a hike in the national park there:   August 2009 643 Be sure to stop and smell the flowers: August 2009 700 Relax and do some painting at the beach: watercolor painting on Singing Pebbles' beach Or just contemplate on a chair: chairs at Celtic Lodge Make a new friend.  Cyrus made himself right at home in our apartment. Cyrus comes to visit Eat plenty of seafood of course: August 2009 886 And top it off with a glass of wine by the bay, beneath a cotton-candy sunset:  sunset Chester

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  1. Congratulations to Claudia!

    I also enjoyed visiting Nova Scotis and Cape Breton a few years ago when we were on a cruise of New England and Canada.

    I was away two weeks and have been busy catching up since I got home. I need to make more space on my C drive to hold all my vacations photos–lol–computers are so fussy!

  2. My computer is working! So have a lot of thrills today. How lucky am I to receive a cookbook from Nova Scotia! (Answer: very, very lucky!) Above my computer is a gorgeous photo of the area. It always makes me smile to look on it. And relaxes me. So glad you had a grand vacation – I feel as if I lived some of it vicariously! (Well, I did). Thank-you so much!

  3. Oh I'm so glad you went to NS!!!! It's beautiful out there, truly relaxing and idyllic. The Maritimes and Atlantic provinces in Canada are great, I've had the luck of traveling them extensively and I adore them!

  4. I've just found your blog and I am ecstatic about all that I've discovered, and the many culinary projects that now await me.

    I'm especially enthusiastic about this particular post because I am from Halifax. I can even see my grandfather's old sailboat in the picture you have of the Maritime Museum.

    I am so thrilled that you enjoyed your stay in Nova Scotia!

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