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Fourth of July Salute

Fourth Of July Salute

My best wishes for a great Fourth of July wherever you are. If you’re in the Armed Forces and helping to preserve our American freedoms, a special salute to you. So many of you will be joining friends and family and attending parades, grilling at barbecues and watching the skies light up with fireworks at night. Hope you’re lucky enough to be among them. Here are a few sparklers from the fireworks display in my hometown of Princeton, which was held on July 2.


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  1. Ciao Linda!
    Il tuo bouquet è delicato e allegro come te.
    Sono così contenta di averti come amica. E chissà che un giorno tu mi insegni a cucinare…
    Ancora buon Independence Day a te, Riccardo e a tutta la famiglia.
    Un abbraccio da Bianca & Valerio.

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