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Clean-Out-The-Fridge London Broil Salad

Clean-Out-The-Fridge London Broil Salad

Do you usually have leftovers after a meal of London broil? Me too, and if you heat them up, the meat gets overcooked and dried out. Leave it unheated and it’s great in a sandwich, but sometimes there’s just more than you can eat in one meal, and you can’t face another night of plain old cold sliced beef. Here’s a great alternative and it doesn’t really involve a real recipe. Just peek into your cupboards and fridge and use what you’ve got. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll be buying an extra large slab of London broil just to have the leftovers for this recipe. Here’s what I used: Quantities are up to you, according to your taste: leftover London broil, sliced thinly and cut into bite-sized pieces celery roasted red peppers hot pepperoncini peppers artichoke hearts sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil olives red onion capers parsley Cut all the ingredients in bite-sized pieces, or mince (parsley, capers, etc.) Add to the cold meat, along with some salt, pepper, a little bit of olive oil and some vinegar. Toss everything together in a bowl and serve over lettuce leaves.

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  1. Cleaning out the frig never looked so good Linda! I'm always up for a good salad, I love how you made something totally different with the leftover meat, I do that alot with chicken. Have'nt had london broil in such a long time, sounds good!

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