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A blast from the past and a giveaway

A Blast From The Past And A Giveaway

What happens when four recently-reunited high school pals from suburban Philadelphia fly out to California to celebrate a significant communal birth year?  What birth year? I was afraid you’d ask. Well, that’s our secret, but suffice it to say we came of age listening to the Beatles, the Four Tops, and Joan Baez, wearing Villager clothing and circle pins and watching the Vietnam War unfold on TV.  Stay tuned for lots of laughs, lots of good eating, plenty of wine-tasting and decades of catching up. I’ll be MIA from my blog for a while reliving old memories and making new ones in California with my pals.  After what I expect will be four days of nonstop gabbing, eating and drinking, my three high school buddies head home to Pennsylvania. I’ll be off to a different spot in California to visit another old friend from decades ago when we were both young mothers in Princeton coping with diapers, dishes and too little sleep.  And I know there will be lots more gabbing, eating and drinking. (I suspect I’ll come back with a few more pounds as well as memories.) If I do decide to tote my laptop, I’ll be reporting on some of the food and drink (and fun too) along the way. But don’t count on it. I may be too preoccupied sipping chardonnay, eating Dim Sum and getting tatooed (forget I said that). In the meantime, here’s a little query and a giveaway for you. The winner will receive the pair of earrings shown below made by yours truly – yes I make jewelry too.  They’re made with gold-filled earwires for pierced ears and mostly-green Venetian glass. July 2009 182 All you have to do is leave a comment before Sunday July 19, 2009  midnight EDT, guessing the two places where I’ll be in California – and leave an email address or a website where I can reach you if you’re the winner. Don’t worry if you’re wrong, the winner will be chosen at random among all the entrants, even if you pick Kalamazoo and Kissimee.  (But if you do choose them, you seriously need to bone up on your geography).  Here’s a hint for you: Both California places start with the letter “S.” If you know me personally and know where I’m going, you’re disqualified from entering. But I’ll make you earrings anyway if you ask nicely. If you know me personally and know my age and spit it out publicly in a comment, you’re excommunicated by the powers vested in me by St. Bloggo.  And you’ll get pierced too, but it won’t be with earrings.

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  1. I'll go with San Francisco and San Diego. Have a wonderful time reminiscing with old friends. I love getting together with people I went to school with. Always lots of good memories.

  2. So glad you'll be getting away and having fun!

    What gorgeous earrings!

    Ok, San Diego & Solana Beach! Enjoy that getaway, no matter where it is!

  3. Have fun Linda! All of you lovely ladies looked alike in HS 🙂
    The earriong are gorgeous…you are talented in so many ways.
    I hope you will be in San Fransisco and Sonoma Valley….two of my favorite places in CA.

  4. I'm going to guess San Francisco because of the reference to Dim Sum and Santa Rosa as it is a bit more upscale, wine country–hoping someone from Princeton might end up living there! I love the earrings, and your blogs are always pick me ups! Have a blast!

  5. San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara?
    Who knew there were a city officially called "Weed" California (way up north almost to Oregon)? Or so many cities in California with S's (and not only all the San(ta) Somethings)?
    I'm guessing the graduation photos are from around '77?

  6. You're all hot! I think you should tattoo your husband's name-on. He must be a great guy to free you up for this trip.

  7. Oh gosh Linda! you're so talented!!!
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Those photos are gorgeous, I love looking at old photos and re-living memories. But meeting the people in the memories for a reunion is better!
    I hope you're having a blast getting reacquiented with your friends!

  8. I'll say San Francisco and Sonoma. I bet I can guess the birth year, too, since I came of age at about the same time and my senior picture looks eerily similar to yours! If not the exact year, at least within two years.

  9. Hope it was wonderful-can't wait to hear where you went-I'm guessing Napa/Sonoma as one of the spots, but being in San Diego myself I hope you spent some time in this beautiful part of the state!

  10. I'm going to go with San Francisco and San Jose! Have a safe trip! I've been a long time lurker – found your blog through Bell'Avventura. I'm going to Italy in one week, will make a short stop along the Amalfi coast – to see Positano again! Ciao

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