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New Winner Chosen

New Winner Chosen

Can you believe it – I can’t even give away these chocolates? The winner, chosen at random, was Katie, who writes the blog “The Summertree Cafe.” But after numerous attempts to contact her, and no response, I set a deadline for today before deciding to move on and pick a new winner.

So this morning I put all the names in a bowl a second time and the new winner of these chocolates is……… “Foodie With Little Thyme.” I’ve sent her a message on her blog too, so hopefully I’ll get an address this time where I can mail the chocolates. If not, your chances have just improved vastly…. Or maybe I’ll just dig into them myself. I mean, how much temptation can one gal take?

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  1. OH NOOO!! I am so bummed 🙁

    I had softball tryouts all last week, and a volleyball tournament over the weekend – my posts were automatic. Man! I have got to get it together.

  2. Katie – Oh shoot! If only I’d known, but I waited a week before picking somebody else.
    I’ll tell you what. I already packaged the original chocolates now to send to “Foodie With Little Thyme,” but I feel bad that you missed out, so I’ll mail you something special too, if you just email me with your particulars (name, address) at

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