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Adding An Italian Flare to Our Life!

Adri Barr Crocetti

  • The Clever Cookbook – A Book Review and Giveaway
    Braised Chicken with Red Wine & Mushrooms Over Creamy Polenta Mick Jagger said “Time is on my side.” But I sure never felt that way back when Bart and I were working. Arriving home at 6:00 after a …

Bleeding Espresso

  • Flavors of Calabria: Amarelli Licorice
    One of Calabria's unique flavors is liquirizia, which is native around Rossano on the Gulf of Taranto, and Amarelli licorice is the best source for a taste. The post Flavors of Calabria: Amarelli …

Bringing You the Heart and Soul of Italy…

  • Traveling In Sicily
    All I knew was that I wanted to go to Sicily. It was at the top of my list of places to visit, but I knew traveling to Sicily wasn’t going to be like traveling to the rest of Italy. It’s big, has hist …

Ciao Chow Bambina

Cooking for My Peace of Mind

Domenica Cooks

  • Figs, Chocolate, and Spice
    I thought my little fig tree was done for. Three or four years ago it suffered severe die-back during a particularly cold winter. By mid-spring the branches still showed no signs of life, no leaves un …

Food Lover’s Odyssey

  • Galani ~ Venetian Pastry to Celebrate Carnival
    Buon Carnevale a tutti! Today is Fat Tuesday, known as Martedi Grasso in Italy. The old theory is that today is the last day to feast before you start your Lenten fast. This year we’re celebrating wit …

italy on my mind

Journey of an Italian Cook

  • Spaghetti Pie – Cacio e Pepe Pasta Pie
    I've been in Minnesota for a long time now. Longer than my many years in New York City. And something has happened – I look forward to January. You may wonder – do I really look forward to temps …

Kalofagas – Greek Food & Beyond

  • Artemis, a Greek Supper Club With Game Meat
    Canada’s wilderness and the bounty that comes with it is a natural fit for Greek cuisine. Game birds, wild hare, deer and boar are just some of animals Greeks have been hunting and cooking with for mi …

La Bella Sorella – Italian food, travel & lifestyle

  • Creamless Mushroom Soup – Zuppa di Funghi
    Honestly, I cannot remember a time when Mio Marito and I have not looked forward to a meal at Union Square Cafe in New York City. Don’t ask me to name my favorite dish at Union Square Cafe there are s …

la bella vita

  • Set A Pretty Table Giveaway
    Everyone loves sitting down to a beautiful table.  Setting a pretty table is just one way to convey to your guests that they are special.  Doing so is also fun and creative.  I like to collect napkins …

La Tartine Gourmande

  • Teaching a workshop in Sicily — October 2017
    Sicilian countryside I am so excited to announce that I will co-jointly teach a food styling and photography workshop combined with Sicilian cooking classes with my friend Fabrizia Lanza for the third …

La voglia matta

Living Tastefully

Memorie di Angelina

  • Shrimp Scampi
    This blog is dedicated to continental Italian food—the kind of food you’ll … The post Shrimp Scampi appeared first on Memorie di Angelina. Related posts: Salsicce e fagioli (Sausage and Beans) Calam …

Mille Fiori Favoriti

  • Rifle Falls State Park
    Just 25 miles west of Glenwood Springs, Colorado, where my husband and I spent a few days enjoying our anniversary, was the 48 acre large Rifle Falls State Park.  Here, in this limestone and travertin …

Mozzarella Mamma

Panini Girl

  • Easy Tomato Tart
        It doesn’t get much easier than this. Before the tomato season is over this is a tart that I encourage you to try. I always have a box of frozen puff pastry in the freezer so there’s no need to fe …

Plated Stories

  • B
     He took me to a place under brilliant blue skies, surrounded by deep blue waters. We spent mornings wandering the streets of old villages under a blazing sun, burning stone streets, burnished stone r …

Proud Italian Cook

  • Shrimp with Roasted Tomatoes Shaved Garlic and Feta
    Whoever said that cheese and seafood is a bad combo? Well I’m here to say that it isn’t so, especially in this dish that features shrimp with feta cheese. This is a variation of the famous Greek Sagan …

rachel eats

  • half tbsp, two classes, a dinner and 6 lines.
    . One of the good things about writing recipes here is that I can sign in at any time and change something. The virtual equivalent of being given the chance to pop back home and get something forgotte …

Renée Kemps

Reveries, Brambles & Scribbles

Savoring Time in the Kitchen

  • Fig, Walnut and Crystallized Ginger Sourdough Bread
    I love fall and all of the beautiful changes that it brings…golden and red leaves, the smell of the leaves drying on the ground, watching the squirrels hiding nuts for winter, and the cooler days pe …

Stacey Snacks

  • Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner
    No chicken dinner to post…..just the winners of the cookbooks! RECIPES FROM RAINE: Judy Biaris Bebe (finally!) THE PUBLICAN: Dennee from LA Dr. R SWEET: Susan Reynolds Naomi BONUS BOOK! I have one u …

Taste With The Eyes

  • Pumpkin Ricotta Lasagne #glutenfree
    Pumpkin Ricotta Lasagne with Fried Sage Green Lentil Lasagne Noodles #vegetarian #glutenfree It was our pleasure to serve Pumpkin Ricotta Lasagne with Fried Sage at last weekend’s successful benefit “ …

Wives with Knives

  • Pecan Pie Bars
      My favorite dessert through the holiday season is cookies.  I start baking before Thanksgiving and don’t stop until we are a few days into the new y ear.  This year’s favorite, at this point anyway, …